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About Bikeability (National Standards) On Road Training Level 1

LEVEL ONE is a course either for total beginners, those who have ridden in the past but lost their confidence or are too young to have much experience and need to have practise in a way that they can learn to enjoy riding without their stabilisers and have their confidence levels raised as their bike control skills become more second nature. Age is irrelevant, it is their level of understanding and ability that counts ... my eldest complete novice to date is 60 years young, my youngest only 5!

Cost - from 25 (27 with the Bikeability badges etc. included) per child for a group of 2 - 4 and 20 (22 with the Bikeability badges etc. included) per child for groups numbering 5 – 12 who already have some cycling ability.

Individual Tuition is available for complete beginners from 30 per hour for 1:1 tuition and from 55 for two hours OR from 25pp for 2 students for one hour & from 45pp for two hours - excluding the cost of badges etc. 

NB.  The purchase of Bikeability goodies such as the badge and certificate is optional at an additional charge of 2.50 per level/course otherwise RSCT issued certificates will be used.  And a surcharge may be applicable depending on both the number of students/groups requiring training and potential travel costs depending on where I am teaching. 


Courses consists of 5x 1.25 hr sessions. These courses are conducted off road on a playground or similar., preferably a hard surface to make riding easier. Once the bike check is done, then the fun begins .. this course is run using games., sometimes with the candidates in teams or working as individuals having to consider those around them but it is always a fun thing.

Level 1 skills include:-

       Get on and off the bike without help
       Start off and pedal without help
       Stop without help
       Ride along without help for roughly one minute or more
       Make the bike go where they want
       Use their gears
       Stop quickly with control
       Manoeuvre safely to avoid objects
       Look all around, including behind, without wobbling
       Signal right and left without wobbling
       Carry out a simple bike check

In order to achieve level 1 the students should be able to demonstrate the above consistently.  If a satisfactory standard is achieved then going onto Level 2 Bikeability training would the next step, however 'best practise' realistically speaking would be that they practise their new found skills for a few months first before doing so.  This can either be done through the school if they operate the scheme or via a privately commissioned course if they have not yet gone into Y5 which tends to be the first year that Level 2 can be done through the school.  It only takes one call to set the ball in motion!

LEVEL 1., [BASIC CYCLING SKILLS] normally up to 15 x Y3/Y4 students, playground (or similar off road site) training in preparation for going out on the road for their Level 2 Bikeability training.

NB. For Individual Tuition the methods used are totally different! (though the same principles apply). Also we take as much or as little time as any one individual needs; there are no maximums as everyone is different.