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About Bikeability (National Standards) On Road Training Level 2

LEVEL TWO is generally for the 10-13 age group who have either completed level one or are sufficiently confident to not need to do it and for them to go on and learn the basics of riding the four main turns on the road now that the law has changed as it is now illegal for bikes to be ridden on the pavement.  Age is irrelevant though, a competent younger child will sell you their hearts and their soul to be taken seriously, whereas an older one tends to think they know most of it already yet teenagers, treated with respect for their age are absolutely fine, no problem!  They are taught, subject to demand, in groups of between 2-8, the higher figure being the absolute maximum and always with a second adult present. 

Cost - from 40 (42 with the Bikeability badges etc. included)  per child for a group of 3 - 5 and 35 (37 with the Bikeability badges etc. included) per child for groups numbering 6 - 8 (increased to 12 if working with a second instructor**) and who are either competent to Level 1 standard or have done the Level 1 course and gained their certificate.

Private Tuition is available for 1 or 2 people (siblings for example) at 30 per hour for 1:1 tuition and from 55 for two hours OR from 25pp for 2 students for one hour & from 45pp for two hours - excluding the cost of badges.  Entire days, consisting of two hours in the morning and a further two hours in the afternoon are also available from 80pp per day on a 1:1 basis or 75 if part of a larger group.

NB.  The purchase of Bikeability goodies such as the badge and certificate is optional at an additional charge of 2.50 per level/course otherwise RSCT issued certificates will be used.  And a surcharge may be applicable depending on both the number of students/groups requiring training and potential travel costs depending on where I am teaching. 


Courses are 4x 2 hourly sessions or 5x 1.5 hour sessions, the first one of which will always start in the playground ensuring the bikes are roadworthy and the candidates understanding and levels of confidence are suitable for riding out on the road, using some of the level one techniques.  Including checking that they are capable of looking behind them whilst cycling and taking one hand off the handle bar to signal.

Level 2 skills include:-

      All Level 1 skills PLUS ..
      Start an on-road journey
      Finish an on-road journey
      Be aware of everything around them, including behind, as they ride
      Understand how and when to signal their intentions to other road users
      Understand where to ride on the roads they are using
      Pass parked or slower moving vehicles
      Pass side roads
      Turn right into a major road and left into a minor road
      Turn left into a major road and right into a minor road
      Be able to take the correct carriageway lane when they need to
      Decide where cycle lanes can help their journey and demonstrate correct use (if cycle lanes can be incorporated within the training)
      Explain why they have made decisions during riding and thereby demonstrate understanding of safe riding strategy
      Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Highway Code, in particular how to interpret road signs
      Demonstrate an understanding of safety equipment and clothing     

If a satisfactory standard is achieved then going onto Level 3 Bikeability training in Y6 or above is the next step, however 'best practise' realistically speaking, would be that they practise their new found skills for a few months first before doing so.  It only takes a quick phone call to set it up although we might need to look at training grounds away from the home environment as a village setting for example, doesn't tend to have the facilities needed for Level 3 training.

LEVEL 2 [INTRO. TO ON ROAD CYCLING]  normally up to a max. of 8 x Years 5, 6 & 7 students or reduced to 12 if working with TWO fully qualified instructors or an Assistant Instructor**, going out on the road for their Bikeability training

NB. For Individual Tuition the methods used are totally different! (though the same principles apply). Also we take as much or as little time as any one individual needs; there are no maximums as everyone is different.