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About Bikeability (National Standards) On Road Training Level 3

LEVEL THREE is for those who have successfully completed level two or have cycled all their lives (perhaps less frequently in recent years) and are sufficiently confident to carry on to do their advance training which involves multi lanes, traffic lights, fords, level crossings, roundabouts and gyratories.  It can be for getting from home to school, college or work or just to be able to cycle as, when and where one wishes and not being intimidated by the sheer volume of traffic by riding assertively and negotiating one’s way across lanes and busy roads when turning. 

This is where age does come into play and only something I would recommend for a competent almost Y7 student and above as confidence, the ability to reason and decisiveness is a very important part of being able to cope with the complexity of Level 3 training ...

Costs - from 30 per hour for an individual & from 55 for two hours OR from 25pp for 2/3 students for one hour & from 45pp for two hours - excluding the cost of the Bikeability awards package including the badge and certificate at 2.50 per person if the objective is achieved.  Entire days, consisting of two hours in the morning and a further two hours in the afternoon are also available from 90pp per day.

NB.  The purchase of Bikeability goodies such as the badge and certificate is optional at an additional charge of 2.50 per level/course otherwise RSCT issued certificates will be used.  And a surcharge may be applicable depending on both the number of students/groups requiring training and potential travel costs depending on where I am teaching. 


These courses again, tends to be 2 hourly sessions but this time with a maximum ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 students because of the complexities of the advanced stages of training.  It depends how much coaching and encouragement they will need, this is far more an individual thing and each student is assessed accordingly but it tends to vary between 2 and 4 hours.

Level 3 skills include:-

      All Level 1 and Level 2 skills PLUS ..
      How to use roundabouts
      How to use junctions controlled by traffic lights
      How to use multi lane roads and turn off into them
      An understanding of filtering and an ability to decide when to filter and when to wait
      How to use both on and off-road cycle facilities
      Hazard perception and strategy to deal with hazards
      An understanding of route planning  (Check out the OS site for online maps for this purpose at
      Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Highway Code, in particular how to interpret road signs
      Demonstrate an understanding of safety equipment and clothing

LEVEL 3., [ADVANCED ON ROAD TRAINING] normally 1 - 3 x Y7/Y8 students who have successfully completed their Bikeability Levels 1 & 2 and need to work out a route plan which includes riding roundabouts, traffic lights and multi lane roads between home and school or work.,

NB. For Individual Tuition the methods used are totally different! (though the same principles apply). Also we take as much or as little time as any one individual needs; there are no maximums as everyone is different.