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 On Road training is headed up by Wendy Creed, a qualified instructor involved in the gearing up process of Bikeability from September 2006 - March 2007 before it was rolled out nationally and also part of the Bikeability accreditation scheme, having worked with the government appointed independent consultants.

 Furthermore in recent years, the DfT have also written a 'Best Practice Guide to Inclusive Training' guide based on several instructors'
contributing various studies they have carried out.  Click on the above link to download it.

GIFT eVouchers are available at 3 different prices reflecting the
3 different levels of Bikeability:

  • 20 Bronze Voucher covering a Level 1 course

  • 40 Silver Voucher covering a Level 2 course

  • 60 Gold Voucher covering a Level 3 course

  • BIKEABILITY - On Road Cycle Training in the 21st Century., be safe, look & live longer.,
    asic grounding for live

    What's the difference between Bikeability and National Standards?

  • The training given is exactly the same. A National Standards course you get issued with a Level 1, 2 or 3 certificate, however, with a Bikeability course  Bikeability branded certificates, badges and packs for levels participated in will be used.

  • If someone trains as an instructor, they become a National Standard Instructor (Cycling) however to issue Bikeability certificates etc. one has to have submitted their scheme for consideration, including documents such as H&S, Child Protection and  Equality Opportunities policy docs, Emergency and Complaints procedures to ensure they are in line with the Cycle Training Standards Board, as the governing organisation.  When the scheme is accepted, then a unique Bikeability number will be sent out to the applicant.

  • Alternatively instructors may work under the umbrella of an organisation whose scheme is Bikeability accredited just as the new instructors who come on line in Cornwall do with their SSPs until such time as they have time to submit their own scheme.


  • Thanks to Richard Cooper, (a colleague and fellow instructor based in St Neots who devised a programme for adults,) RSCT can now also offer a 4 hour course combining all three levels, for those who already have some cycling experience and want to enhance their existing skills.

  • The programme includes integral on road route planning exercises, starting with quieter more basic roadwork and gradually incorporating more and more complex situations with everything from fords and level crossings to multi lanes, traffic lights and roundabouts.

  • The same programme will further be developed, to offer to colleges and universities to include an educational aspect to it in conjunction with the practical side of actually enhancing existing cycling skills.


  • Our aim is to train as many children and adults who wish to learn to competently, constantly and consistently to ride their bikes safely on the roads of our beautiful county.  Training is a serious matter so has high standards but delivered in a fun way to make it both enjoyable and rewarding in terms of enhancing a client's outlook. 

  • It covers many variables from adults who are complete novices, primary school aged children who are learning how to handle basic road journeys to secondary school students to develop their road sense when riding to/from school or into town to meet their friends at the weekend.  Bikeability is no longer just for primary schools!

  • By becoming eco friendly, you will not only save yourself a few pennies but you'll improve your health too so keep an eye on the Courses page, possibly coming to your area soon and if not, then give us a call so that we can work with you and set something up ~ and for information about trails in and around Cornwall go to 'The Cornish Way'

  • Effective Training!!        

    Wherever I teach, I always go out first and do specific site risk assessments of the area to be used.  Bike checks are also done prior to going out on the road and hopefully parents/teachers will tell me if any of the children that have learning difficulties … for example a deaf child who can lip read, or because of the coursework assignments, if a child has dyslexia  or if they are colour blind. 

    There is no reason why any of the above should prevent someone participating but from a Health & Safety angle I do need to know, it's important so that the right provision can be made to accommodate their needs, bearing in mind we do work out on the roads and I do encourage traffic to act normally, rather than giving way and lulling the students into a false sense of security.  Check your Highway Code ... amongst others, flashing headlights don't mean a thing!


    Level 1

    Held off road the course covers:

    1. Carry out a simple bike check
    2. Bike control skills including:
    3. Getting on and off the bike
    4. Starting off and pedalling
    5. Stopping safely
    6. Riding without wobbling
    7. Steering safely
    8. Using gears correctly
    9. Controlled emergency stop
    10. Manoeuvre to avoid objects
    11. Looking all around safely
    12. Spatial awareness
    13. Signal left and right safely
    14. Suitable clothing

    Level 2

    Held on road the course covers:

    1. Off Road Session to cover level 1
    2. Starting and finishing a road journey
    3. Awareness of surroundings as you ride
    4. Spatial awareness, observation and anticipation of other road users
    5. Understanding how and when to signal
    6. Understanding how and where to ride
    7. Understanding the purpose of your road position
    8. Overtaking parked or slower vehicles
    9. Passing side roads
    10. Turning right out of and into various junctions
    11. Turning left out of and into various junctions
    12. Decide where cycle lanes are and how to use them
    13. Safely undertake U-Turns
    14. Mini roundabouts
    15. Knowledge of the Highway Code
    16. Suitable Clothing

    Level 3

    Held on road the course covers:

    1. Assessment to Level 2 standard
    2. Understanding route planning
    3. Tackling route problems
    4. Hazard Perception
    5. Dealing with local traffic situations
    6. Junctions controlled by traffic lights
    7. Use of roundabouts
    8. Negotiating a path on multi lane roads either turning off or into them
    9. Filtering and developing the ability to decide what is appropriate
    10. Safety tactics/Highway Code
    11. Suitable clothing
    Minimum Age: 5 **8ish (generally speaking) 10
    Courses can be tailored to your needs - To arrange a course or for more information please Contact Us

    ** There are always exceptions to the rule of thumb - I have worked with teenagers who have never cycled before and need all the help they can get having a greater sense of fear due to their age as well as youngsters of 4 who cycle regularly and with their parents on road, who although know no fear as such, are equally very streetwise as a result.  Hence the flexibility as it comes down to ability more than it does age!

    NB.  The purchase of Bikeability goodies such as the badge and certificate is optional at an additional charge of 2.50 per level/course otherwise RSCT issued certificates will be used.  And a surcharge may be applicable depending on both the number of students/groups requiring training and potential travel costs depending on where I am teaching.  We are flexible and prepared to go countywide so please don't ever think you are too far away for me to come to you.  Furthermore, whatever  perceived problems there may be, there are always ways around these things so please talk to us before dismissing any ideas about training you may have!

    Our Rules for Cycle Training:

    1. Learn by participation & practice
    2. Be seen but above all, look and live longer ..
    3. Listen and be aware of the environment around you
    4. Communicate with other road users:
             i.  Hand signals   ii.  Eye Contact   iii.  Road Position
    5. Ultimately., have lots of FUN and enjoy all cycling has to offer ..

    Additionally my training scheme including all policies required by law, has been checked and and cleared by an independent government representative.  Further as an instructor, I have also been observed and monitored by an independent appointed consultant who then wrote up and submitted a report on me to the CTSB to ensure that the high standard we commit to achieve is maintained.  Something that all other instructors will eventually do themselves but this was for the Bikeability pilot.  I have since gone on to train as an Instructor Trainer under the auspices of Cycle Experience as well but continue to teach at the same time.

    What is the difference between Bikeability and National Standards?  Absolutely none in terms of what is taught and how - Bikeability however, is how an instructor runs their training scheme having been vetted first if you like.  It involves tailoring all the policies required such as Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities, Lesson planning, Complaints Procedure and Child Protection, to oneself or one's organisation and registering it once checked that it is complete and both legally and politically correct.


    Five good reasons to cycle

    1.    Cycling exercises most of the muscles in your legs and bum – so it’s an excellent way to tone these areas. 
    2.   It’s a practical way to keep fit. 75% all personal journeys are less than 5 miles long – that’s half an hour on a bike.
    3.   It’s cheaper than joining a gym! Bicycles require no MOT, no insurance, no licensing and above all no fuel. Bicycles can be parked almost anywhere for free.
    4.   Switching short journeys from car to bicycle will benefit both your health and community. You'll be helping to reduce noise, air pollution and traffic congestion too.
    5.   Riding a bike can help you maintain a healthy weight. Average cycling burns about 300 calories per hour and gives a level of fitness equivalent to being 10 years younger.

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