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Meet the Instructors from across the South/South West who are involved in forming a co-operative because we share a vision ... Between us, we have an eclectic mix of backgrounds, teaching, instructing, cycle mechanics, licensed to race on road and in a velodrome, MTB instructors, British Cycling coaches, Sustrans rangers, you name it, there will almost certainly be one of us who have done it ! 


          The Introductions ...


Our aim is to work in partnership as part of a team, supporting and helping each other by sharing our own experiences.  We all bring very different but complimentary skills to the table which makes for a wonderful working relationship - At the end of the day we all want the same thing, that being to get cycle training back out into the public domain again, with no exceptions!  Also several of us are now working with the Institute of Advanced Motorists on their cycling programme as well .. now that is something which is long overdue!


Below is a list of friends who have been instructors for some time now .. however gradually, as cycling becomes more popular, more instructors are being trained up and those whom I've worked with and some I haven't, have now got together to form the SW Cycle Instructors Co-operative, so whilst maintaining our independence, we also respect each other and work together as part of a bigger picture, not looking at quantity so much as quality training ..


I’m Wendy and mum of two – they are the reason I started teaching as they themselves missed out due to a lack of instructors in the late 90’s.  At that point in time National Standards, now called ‘Bikeability’ was only on the drawing board.  During the pilot I was also approached about becoming an Instructor Trainer, which I formally trained as in July 2011 and been Yorkshire's Cycling Team Attaché at the UK School Games since 2009.  More recently I've qualified as a Cycling Project's Wheels for All Ride Leader as well as a British Cycling Coach able to deliver GoRide and gained a FdSc Sports Coaching and Therapy and BSc (Hons) Sports Performance and Coaching whilst now embarking on my PGCE incorporating various aspects of Bikeability.  We are also negotiating a disabled cycling facility in Cornwall (golooksee and RSCT has been approved by Cornwall Council's Family Information Service and listed on the Get Active Cornwall site .. I'm also a Level 2 British Cycling Track Coach and a British Cycling Level 1 Ride Leader for Breeze and Sky Rides.


Dilys Gartside has been an instructor at least as long as I have., possibly longer but she is in Southampton.  This year at last her endeavours have been recognised and she has been named as CTC Volunteer of the Year SE 2008. She also worked with Dom Littlewood on "Dom's on the Case" which was primarily down to Dilys without whose help and co-operation, it probably wouldn't have happened as she was the one who persuaded her neighbours to participate .. she's also been an extra in both the "Cycle Hero DVD" and "Midsommer Murders".  Her website is  Last year, led the largest group of female cyclists for the CTC's annual 'Five Miles to Fabulous' ride out, so is well deserving of her award!

Fiona Telfer-Brunton joins Rob and Wendy as a graduate in Sports Science at Plymouth University but to her credit, she also took British Cycling SW Coach of the Year Award 2009 along side other coaches such as Mark Barry from Yorkshire, who is a former Olympian and Commonwealth squad member.  In addition, Fi was Team Coach for the SW Road and Time Trials at the UK School Games 2010 in Newcastle and three weeks later, Team Manager for the SW team at the Inter-Regional Track Championships.  Furthermore she is the senior coach with local club One and All, as well as Youth Coach and Women’s Team Manager.  She is also looking into the possibility of becoming a National Standard Instructor as well so she can deliver Bikeability which would compliment her other skills.  She can be contacted via email at and her new website is

Steve Masi is based in Hayle and already has his own business, ‘Wheels on Wheels’, a mobile cycle repair workshop which he already goes into schools to train the youngsters to mend punctures and change their inner tubes etc. In addition, he is also looking to gain his Bikeability accredited.  Furthermore he has now done his CTC/OTC Mountain Bike course as well as he regularly works with children who need to burn off some surplus energy which would otherwise get them into big trouble.  Steve can be contacted via - He now has his own website at - WoW as in Wheels on Wheels because of his being a cycle mechanic but heck, it looks still good and now he is an all rounder having qualified as an off road instructor as well but is better known by his nickname of 'Mohican Man' because of his helmet.

Martyn Laxton is from Devon, born and bred (some say thick in the arm and thick in the 'ed .. his words not mine though!)  Finally he is in a position to do something for his local community in terms of putting something back.  Having coached and trained all ages during his working life, primarily water sports and taking friends' children up to Haldon Forest mountain biking (way before the new tracks arrived when part of the fun was getting lost in the forest) as well as being in and been around the licensed trade, he's a fair all rounder. He recently qualified as an NSI and trained as an MTB Instructor with CTC/OTC as well.  He got thrown in the deep end metaphorically speaking, when he worked with Steve down at Plymouth Hoe and got his feet wet for the first time!  To contact him, his email addy is

Bill Ward comes from Penzance, which is still his home town., he's just finished his 2nd year FdSc Outdoor Education student at Truro College, based at Tregye.  His aim is to set up his own business when he is suitably qualified in a variety of sports but as a means of getting from A to B, what better mode of transport which is both healthy and environmentally friendly, than cycling.  He can be contacted via email at Bill wants to go on and get more experience working with foundation students, so plans on working with Matt Wilmott, at his invitation as well.  He has worked with me on the LEAPActive week as well as with children who are home educated in Penzance.

Louise Summers is the latest instructor to qualify having trained last Autumn.  Louise is is a qualified secondary school teacher (P.G.C.E.) with over twenty years experience of working with youth and community groups in Cornwall, London and the West Midlands. She holds a full motorcycle license, is a Sustrans volunteer ranger and enjoys cycling on the cycle network as it takes her family to lovely places they couldn't see by foot or car and has a website, is promotiing cycling because it's .. easy, fun and free as well as good for the body and soul and eco friendly.  She is also hoping to set up a Junior School Fun Cycling Challenge in the not too distant future.

Rob Cockings now lives in Probus but remembers St Mewan Primary School well, having attended it as a child.  He just graduated having done his BSc (Hons) Personal Trainer degree, having upgraded from an FdSc.  A few years ago, another student on the same course, in his early 20s learned to ride a bike as part of the course having never even sat on one previously.  Now with Rob trained up, should history repeat itself, there is now help to hand.  Rob can be contacted via when he is not running a cross country training session for pupils at Probus CP.  He's also an experienced marathon runner and heavily involved with Truro Running Club as well as being a Level 2 UK Athletics Coach and working for the Cornwall Sports Partnership as Duchy Athletics Club Coach Coordinator.  He also has his own website now at

Karen Westbrook is the face behind Frills Driving School from Grampound., she was also a Cyclewise Instructor in the dim, distant pass but recognises that cycling will be the way forward, so embraces Bikeability whole heartedly.  She has instructed both my two and although my youngest still has to go for his test, my daughter passed first time which says it all.  Now Karen is ‘thinking Bike’ as well as car (her driving school is still active) and having worked with her, the way she give constructive feedback as well as encourages and praises, will help to spur people onwards and upwards.  Karen works in conjunction with Rob Cockings, in fact they have taken on the Roseland together living on the doorstep and working in tandem so Karen can contacted via, her website needless to say, is

Gary Moger is the latest person with cycling at heart to swell our ranks but from a different angle.  Gary is one of the most highly qualified Bike Mechanics you can get and we are so lucky to have him locally.  At Revolve they are committed to all things bicycle and the joy of riding them. They have over twenty years experience in the bicycle industry from managing workshops, setting up recycling projects to working for bicycle companies like Kona. Whether it is a full-suspension MTB race set up, the latest race kit, or a recycled Claud Butler from the eighties, they have the experience to help. Primarily they aim to offer expert professional advice and service to encourage cycling at all levels, whether that is a simple repair, stripping a bike back totally or running 4 hour or 2 day maintenance courses for you to learn how to do it yourself. Revolve also has worked with Cycle Systems Academy, based in London, teaching their first courses in professional bicycle mechanics, and helping them become City & Guilds accredited. Based in Devoran, his website is

Martin Burrow's CV revolves almost exclusively around cycling and Andrew and I are now in the throes of doing our own training with Cycle Experience as Instructor Trainers who will then be able to mentor new instructors as well as training those who wish to work with us, as both fully fledged National Standard Instructors and Assistant Instructors.  He's also a National Standards Instructor, British Cycling Coach, Tutor and Assessor as well as being an X-Bike (Spinning) Instructor - is there no end to his talent one asks!?  His webby is and he and Andrew both live just a few miles from each other in Torbay (Martin is based in Torquay) - so if one of them isn't available (Martin tends to travel all over the country instructing and coaching), hopefully the other one will be!  He is also currently working with Sustrans from the 'Bike It' angle in Torbay as well.

Andrew Holdstock lives in Totnes and professionally, is a Maths Teacher as well as having qualified as an NSI himself .. a novel way to have extra maths tuition perhaps??  He and his wife have a caravan down in Portscatho and we work together if I'm running a course when he comes down just as I go to Dartington to help him when he takes his class out on a field trip if I am available.  We've both found that working with each other on each others home territory, we can learn from each other and it underpins why local knowledge is all important in planning sessions, especially route planning for those wishing to cycle to school/college and/or work.

Penny Allen was the first independent instructor to swell the ranks from just across the Tamar, in Plymouth to be more accurate although she teaches in the Saltash area as well … When we met for the first time she told me that it was when like myself, she was looking for cycle training for her youngest, she couldn't find anyone to train her which when she realised there was a need for it in Plymouth. She has been working with the Callington Sports Partnership delivering cycle training to primary schools, and is hoping to develop more training in Plymouth schools in the future. Penny is a keen road cyclist, and if at all possible always try and cycle to wherever she is delivering training.  Check out Penny's website at

Amy O'Loughlin also formerly known as  Lily-Peds, is a young lady from Exeter who operated a cycle rickshaw for which Ames, as Head Peddler had got her licence to carry passengers until the new ruling came in so for a while offered a green alternative to transportation, proms, school runs, birthday rides etc … you name it, she'd peddled it and have also branched out to offer those who want to do the pedaling themselves as a sustainable option.  As a fellow Bikeability Instructor she also offers up to date training for all ages and all abilities in Cycle Training through Cycle Exeter although these days she is only home during the hols having gone to London to start her degree course.

One of the Steves I first met in my home town in Dorset.  Now whenever I go back to see my parents, we tend to meet up at the local coffee shop there and have a brainstorming session. He's no fool and has a wealth of experience to be drawn upon. Steve is one half of the partnership behind In fact he's got a new product for cyclists being released in the autumn, meanwhile he had a prototype of an existing product made up for us which we wore when we did our E2E a year ago now!  Steve is also an instructor and heads up Wessex Cycle Training.  Sadly the other one, has gone home to Hertfordshire

Richard Cooper is owner and director of in middle England - he lives in St Neots but works in the surrounding counties, including Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Herts but curiously not Northamptonshire as yet.  Steve Allsop also works with him sometimes and between them, they make a superb team .. I had the privilege of actually meeting them finally over the summer half term when we worked together., Richard is also a Sustrans Ranger and does quite a lot with the Bedfordshire Unitary Authorities - don't ask, I always thought the idea of a Unitary Authority was for there to just be the one!!  Steve lives in Bedford itself and can be contacted via email at

Milly has his webby at – he recycles bikes and aims to construct whatever is needed, wherever feasible, to make cycling available to anyone who wants to give it a go.  He was also my End to End cycling partner in the spring of 2008 when we arrived at John O'Groats in beautiful sunshine and left an hour later amidst a hail storm - Milly has a wonderful collection of Crazy Bikes that he bought down for the launch and the best thing about them .... 99.9% of them have 3 if not 4 wheels, hence are relatively stable which in turn means ANYONE can have a go!!  He has also qualified as a National Standards Instructor and has worked with the Welsh Assembly - Milly is hoping to qualify as an off road instructor shortly as well! 

Alan has his own tree climbing company and can organise activities from tree climbing to all ages, from individual climbs to small groups such as birthday parties, families, stag/hen do’s or large groups such as corporate events, camps, schools and festivals. They also offer tree camping in tree hammocks for a special experience not only climbing the tree but sleeping in it too. There are various sites where it is possible to climb around Cornwall or if you have a suitable tree they can come to you.  In the summer Alan is also hoping to train as an NSI himself, as currently he currently cycles with his children to school each day.  His website is - there’s all sorts of ways they can offer you a tree climbing experience and soon he will be able to combine it with cycle training as well so a truly green experience.


Matt Wilmott teaches in St Blazey.   Professionally he is an ASD teacher who takes the more able childrenon the Sustrans cycle paths around Eden most weeks.  His students get a huge joy from these cycling sessions which boosts their self-esteem as well as fitness.   His training now empowers him to open up cycling to the lesser abled students on school premises in the playground as well, which is his Plan A.  Plan B when we get the Kernow Wheels for All project off the ground, when his experience working at Doubletrees will prove to be invaluable and someone we can all look to for help and guidance!  Bill, myself and several other instructors in county are all planning to work with him at some point in the future for precisely that reason.  Matt’s contact is

We also now have links to the Cornwall MTB Club who are affiliated to the CTC ... check out their website - They are a friendly bunch of bikers and justifiably proud of their easy going, relaxed attitude which makes their club what it is.  They always do their best to make everyone feel welcome and have members of all levels, young and old, no one is left out. They've built up both their club and reputation over time, so go along and be part of their up and coming group.  They're located around the Truro area and ride at various locations each week with the rides being set by a different group member each week, which keeps the riding style varied and interesting. They meet each Sunday at the time and location displayed on the 'Meet Sheet'.

Although these are all are instructors etc. from the SW it isn't limited just to this area - we are all part of a bigger team and I also work with other instructors like Steve Rowsell who operates in Herts, John Brady, who was originally from Callington, Heather PearceAnne Banks, Liz Mincer, Liz Bowgett, Tom Crispin, Richard Cooper, Dilys Gartside, Ian Davey, Ruth Ashford, Janet Paske, Francesca Flaxton, and Jill Henderson amongst others., by brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other, sharing information between ourselves, supporting each other across the miles.


Trevor is someone I've not seen since the summer of 1971 our having both grown up in Dorchester.  He's our secret weapon and a father himself - we wouldn't have achieved as much as we have in such a short space of time, even less have our website up and running which again he masterminded ... and if I do something daft in IT terms, it'll almost certainly be Trevor who finds the solution and bails me out !!  Thanks heavens for the cyberspace era ... I'd be in serious trouble without it, that's for sure as it keeps the communication channels open!  And at last I am allowed to put a link to his website .... check it out on my new Cycling Holidays page.


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